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Easy Cash Manager Easy Cash Manager

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Easy Cash Manager

Easy Cash Manager, a book-keeping program for MS Windows, was created in 2002 and updated for the last time in 2008. I am currently not working on any future updates.

You can still download the program for free. It works fine under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
I cannot guarantee, however, that it will work on future versions of MS Windows.



Easy Cash Manager Easy Cash Manager v3.1.3 (982 kb)

SimBoePro SimBoePro v3.1.3 (986 kb)

Mon Argent Facile Mon Argent Facile v3.1.3 (988 ko)

Enkel Bokföring Enkel Bokföring v3.1.3 (982 kb)


What is Easy Cash Manager?

Easy Cash Manager is a simple book-keeping program for MS Windows. You can use the program to keep records of your incomes and expenses. You're probably wondering why you shouldn't just use Excel for that. I will explain. Excel is a spreadsheet program which has a lot of functions. The versatility is quite useful, because you have a lot of functionality in one single program. But from the other side, sometimes you need a lot of time to find out how exactly you can do what you want to do, or sometimes you don't understand how to get certain configuration right. Easy Cash Manager is a very simple program with only a few functions. Easy Cash Manager is meant for people who just want to manage their financial stuff without having to read three books "Excel for beginners" before they know how to. Myself, I'm a lazy computer user and I find that everybody can be. If I want to do something with my computer, I simply don't want to use programs which are too complex to understand in a short time. I prefer using programs which are very easy because they are created for exactly what I want to do. Easy Cash Manager is such a program, meant for simple book-keeping. The program doesn't have many functions that you won't use, so you will learn how to use the program very easily. The program has been designed to be very easy-to-use.


Does this mean that you can in fact do nothing with Easy Cash Manager? No, that's not true.
The program does not offer lots of functions that are unnecessary and too complicated for many people. The necessary functions for simple book-keeping are there, however. Below, the most important things that you can do with the program are listed.


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